Hi! I'm

DR - Walid Hamed Abdel Khalek

✓ 1997 → MBBCH faculty of medicine ain shams university.
✓ 1999-2000→training courses in advanced U/S in Gynecology in Egypt at
( Ain Shams maternity hospital.
✓ 2001 → MSC Al kasr Al Eini faculty of Medicine.
✓ Jan2010- 2011 →Training courses in U/S, Gynecology and IVF in Nottingham city hospital and Leicester university hospital UK).
✓ 2013→PhD studies in Niles Cairo University.
✓ Attended, presented and was chairperson in many local and international conferences inside and outside Egypt since 2005 till now

About MY


✓ Founder, senior Gynaecologist and IVF consultant at Omomaty fertility clinics. And Sterility.
✓ 1998-1999→ Worked as Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Masr El Gedida Military Hospital.
✓ 1999- 2000→ Gynecologist and Obstetrician in Ghamra Military Hospital.
✓ 2000-2002 → Worked as senior Gynecologist in Nasser institute hospital.
✓ 2002-2020→ Senior Gynecologist at Al Mataria teaching hospital.
✓ 2002-2004→ senior gyn. Specialist at Heliopolis Hospital.
✓ 2006-2011→ General Coordinator and assistant medical director in Jeddah (Dr. Samir Abbas medical centers for IVF and infertility).
✓ 2011-2019→ Medical Director and Gynecology consultant in Adam International Hospital for infertility and sterility.
✓ 2019-2021–> Senior consultant in gynaecology, reproductive medicine and IVF at Adam International Hospital for infertility and sterility.
✓ 2018- till now—> Founder and director of Omoumaty fertility clinics.
✓ General Secretary of Egyptian Society for reproductive medicine (ESRM) from 2015 till 2021.
✓ General Organizer of ESRM Conferences.
✓ Founder and member of the management board of Egyptian Foundation For Reproductive Medicine And Embryology (EFRE) since 2019.
✓ Member of American Society For Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) since 2012.
✓ About 25 years of experience as Gynecologist and 16 years of experience in IVF, Infertility practice and management.